We Are Back!


Hello penguins, DoctorRat here. The army is proud to be back in business. Thanks to Nullify, StubbornJedi, and Doctor Calamus for bringing back this wonderful army! We will be fixing the army and doing more recruiting/training, sstay tuned for more updates!


Invasions Outcome of Merry Christmas and Easter Bunny Town on CPPS.me

On January 6th, 2018, at 3:30 PM EST we logged on to CPPS.me to invade the servers of the Underground Mafias Army. We had a successful win, maxing 8 and averaging 7. We also had other armies present like the Club Penguin Crew and the Elite Guardians. The Underground Mafias Army lost one of their soldiers also. This was my first event in this army, and it was successful. However, in my opinion, it was bumpy throughout, which disappointed me. The end was a little soft, but we still were successful. The servers went to the New Viking Alliance. Below are some of the screenshots of the battle that we fought.

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Hopmizz: Who I Am, What I Plan, and Why I Want to Be a URP Member

Hello, United Republic. (God, it’s been a while since I typed that.)

While you most likely won’t remember or even know me, even after reading this, this is for the skeptic minority about my sudden appearance. I’ve been a member of the United Republic since May 23, 2017, the day this army was founded. I left sometime in October 2017 because of the Havoc Era. While this may tip off a lot of you, let me introduce myself under a familiar name:

Manifest Red.

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